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No researcher has found provable biological, hormonal or physical or genetic differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals that weren’t caused by their behaviour. While these results aren’t conclusive, they tell something about the very recent tendency to believe that homosexual behaviour is inherited or biologic but is primarily a results of social conditioning. It is clear that homosexuality is a multifaceted clinical entity and is a source of controversy and ongoing study. The aim of my study was to suppose that homosexuality may be a behavioural syndrome that consists of qualitative impairments in social interaction, caused by a chronic bowel inflammatory state.
In predisposed genetic individuals the intestinal inflammation can caused a variety of metabolic, neuroendocrine, neurological complications and hormonal perturbations. This developmental disorders occurs precipitously or over a period of months before the age of 3 years in a previously normal child. The behavioural features may be accompanied by  current intestinal symptoms consisting of abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea (or alternating constipation and diarrhea), and bloating and can be accompanied by loss of bowel and bladder control.
In these children, a period of initial normal development was followed by developmental regression and loss of acquired skills, sometimes occurring precipitously over a period of days to weeks. Long-standing intestinal symptoms, were typical of this group of children. These symptoms had often started at around the same time as the behavioural changes. The behavioural damage is irreversible. If investigated this affected children were consistently fastidious in their eating habits, with a diet limited largely to cereals, and bread.


Homosexuality is neither mental illness nor moral depravity 1. It is simply the way a minority of our population expresses human love and sexuality. Study after study documents the mental health of gay men and lesbians. It can make objective distinctions between sexual pathology on the one hand and sexual orientation on the other. If homosexuality is largely genetic in origin, it is clearer that biological factors play a role in determining human sexual orientation: they must be present early in life. As it came to be widely accepted that adult hormone levels were not a factors in sexual orientation, scientists shifted their attention to prepubescent boys and girls hormone exposure2-3-4. If that is true, it is important, because it would be an example of a trait linked to sexual orientation which does not involve sexual behaviour, suggesting how deeply rooted sexual orientation is. It is important to remember that although homosexuals and heterosexuals may be “sex-reversed” in some ways, in other ways they are not. If hormones help to influence sexual orientation, what is influencing the hormones?
There is increasing evidence that components from food can indeed cause serious psychiatric5-6 and neurological 7-8 diseases.
It is well known that celiac disease causes destruction of the villi in the small intestine that results in malabsorption of nutrients in affected individuals. There is solid evidence that additional neurological complications can result. The researchers conclude that "focal white-matter lesions in the brain may represent an extra-intestinal manifestation of celiac disease." They theorise that the lesions may be the result of a decreased blood supply caused by the constriction or obstruction of blood vessels due to inflammation, or caused by the destruction of the nerve fiber due to inflammation. It is interesting to note that: an inclination toward gender-atypical play in prepubescent boy ( three years old)– for example, dressing in women’s clothes, playing with dolls, or taking the role of the mother –  (indicate a homosexual orientation 75% of the time for psychiatrist Richard Green)2, can disappeared with diet without cereals. Many health problems developed, including homosexuality, among the male cats, which persisted so long as they were fed cooked foods, but which disappeared when a diet consisting of raw foods was adhered to7.


Between 1989 and 2004 I identified  and studied 150 homosexuals, 66 female, 84 male, and I compared with 300 individuals with no evidence of homosexual behaviour, as a control group.
As expected, patients with homosexuality, had significantly signs of colitis and alteration of hormonal asset. The 66 homosexuals female patients had more frequently than the control group: irregularity or absence of menses, a history of oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea beginning at or near the onset of menstrual function, and acne or hirsutism, no patient had virilization. As expected, this patients had significantly higher luteinizing hormone-to-follicle-stimulating hormone ratios, higher testosterone levels, higher free testosterone levels, higher dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate levels, and lower testosterone-estradiol-binding globulin binding capacity than the other women. The 84 homosexuals male patients had more frequently than the control group: hyperprolactinemia, alter spermatogenesis, variable altered serum testosterone, FSH, LH and  higher estrogens levels.
Homosexuals were found to have colitis due to alimentary intolerance or allergy 9. A through anamnesis of this patients revealed that they had suffered from gastroenteritis since childhood 10, that they soon had more frequent appendectomies (to indicate cereals intolerance). Compared with the control group, more frequently the pelvic ecographies of homosexuals patients presented intense intestinal meteorism.
This foods are identify the most responsible for alimentary intolerance or allergy: cereals, yeast, tomatoes, milk and fruits or vegetables.


The method of investigation and treatment of the homosexuals patients, in the control phase, is derived from the application of the hypothesis of possible intolerance and/or allergy to certain foods at the origin of the sexual deviation.
Of the 150 homosexuals, the 68 patients who strictly adhered to the diet had disappearance or significant reduction of symptoms reported and disappearance of clinical and diagnostic evidence of pathophysiologics defects of hormonal disjunction but their sexual orientation seems to be unchangeable. Gays and lesbians believe that a person’s sexual orientation is chosen during teenage years.


Colitis due to alimentary intolerance or allergy is an intestinal inflammatory state, possibly non-symptomatic, that can lead to a chronic male and female hormonal disturbance in the prepuberal development and can produce different sexual orientation  Genetic factors determine how these are expressed 12 .
If a large contribution to homosexuality come from genes, the range of environmental and biological inputs a developing child receives is both enormous and enormously complex 11-12.
Controlled studies need to be conducted . Perhaps everyone should consume only tolerated foods right from birth, since an alimentary intolerance might be the origin of a true pathology of the immune system and of all, or almost all, acquired pathologies or  diversion.


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Could homosexuality be caused by environmental factors in the womb relating to gluten messing with hormones?

It's far fetched, but my mother is very strongly gluten intolerant (or celiac, untested). She had around 7 miscarriages and then when I was born I was born a lesbian. Just wondering if anybody has ever thought about gluten as an environmental toxin that could affect hormones in the womb in this way. Of course, other environmental toxins (heavy metals, etc) could have an affect too but hmmmmmmmmm... Could it be gluten?

I have heard of the AIDS and gluten connection and AIDS is common in the gay community, no?

I have also read that gay men have an increased rate of colon cancer and I don't know if what they SAY is causing that really can...

What do you think? Could it be possible?

Might be possible? I've seen some research that suggests that some hormonal changes may affect sexuality in the womb. However, some twin research on the same subject has shown that this isn't the end all, be all, because there are very often twins with one twin gay and one straight. 

There are also some differences between men and women and sexuality that apply, and some curious issues with the body and how many children you've had of the same sex. If you have all boys, the odds that a child will be gay goes up the more boys you have. It's really interesting.

Essentially, though, they don't really know all the factors contributing to our sexuality. :-)

The AIDS thing, though - nah, I wouldn't think that's a gluten issue with homosexuality. Celiacs tend to have more vulnerable immune systems, and the gay community had a long history of less safe sex practices that have become safer, but is still often riskier than it should be. 


It's funny you should bring this up.

I'm a lesbian and a coeliac and I have four lesbian friends who are coeliacs. We often outnumber the non-coeliacs when we go out to dinner.

I don't know any straight people or gay boys with coeliac disease even though my circle of friends and acquaintances include a fair number of both.

It's getting ridiculous to the point that we've all started joking that there must be some kind of genetic link between Coeliac disease and the lesbian gene (if there is one).

I don't think there is a link though. I just think that women are more prone to auto-immune diseases than men and are more likely to get tested. I also think that lesbians are more likely to be childless (and thus more focused on their own health) and living an alternative kind of lifestyle where healthy diets and health issues are taken seriously. Also, I live in Australia where there is a much greater awareness of Coeliac Disease than in the U.S..

This is a real generalisation, I know, but it is definitely true of most of the lesbians I know. Although if one more of my friends gets diagnosed it will be beyond a joke.

Arch Sex Behav. 1991 Jun;20(3):277-93.

A test of the maternal stress theory of human male homosexuality.

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Both the neurohormonal theory of sexual orientation and previous research on humans and animals suggest that male homosexuality may arise from prenatal stress during the brain's sexual differentiation. Stress-proneness and retrospective reports of stress during pregnancy were obtained from mothers of male and female heterosexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals. Each mother also rated pregnancy stress for a heterosexual sibling of the subject. For males, neither between-family nor within-family analyses revealed a maternal stress effect for either sexual orientation or childhood gender nonconformity. However, mothers of effeminate children reported more stress-proneness than other mothers. Male homosexuality nevertheless was strongly familial, suggesting a reconsideration of genetic and familial environmental mechanisms.

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